As humans we share one fundamental truth - We want to feel good.

Some people wake up in the morning and truly FEEL AMAZING, others struggle.

But what if I told you that we have an ancient system, ingrained in our neural circuitry that directly affects our ability to produce seratonin, overcome challenges, speak our mind and put our desires forward.

In fact it has been known for many years that there is a direct relationship between poor posture and poor health just like there is a connection between good posture and good health.

And the scientific evidence doesn't stop there..

Good posture makes us better able to fight disease, promotes healthy aging, radiates confidence and improves mental cognition.

Its not about appearing tall or sitting up straight. Its about FEELING GOOD, being relaxed while standing or sitting. Concentrating for hours, working hunched over a computer without backache or picking something up from the floor. Its all supposed to feel easy.

Its one of those things that can quickly feel normal while it continues to worsen.

Its time to put your posture to the test!

Unlike other test that you might have done before. We are not going to use fancy equipment, we believe that posture is subjective, its not an exact science and it looks different for everybody. Thats why a good way to get an idea of your own posture is to use your own sensations. And you need to be honest with yourself on this one.

Stand or sit as tall as you comfortably can, relax and take a DEEP BREATH in through your nose and BREATHE OUT FULLY through your mouth. Let go of all the air, inside your lungs & don't lose your height.

How does it feel in your body?

  • Do you feel tension? Or do you feel free?
  • Do you feel heavy? Or do you feel light?
  • Do you feel closed? Or do you feel open?
  • Do you feel tense? Or do you feel flexible?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable? Or do you feel comfortable?

The reason this test is so effective is because when you completely empty your lungs from air. It shows who you truly are. It shows how much room you have left inside yourself.

If you are one of those people who are instantly struck with an uncomfortable feeling, or feel the need to hunch or loose musculoskeletal height. This part is for you.

This is where I see many people go wrong

When people hear the word "posture" they think about a rigid, vertically straight stance. But actually, when we pull our shoulders back and straighten the spine, we are creating another layer of tension.

When you try to stand a little bit taller, or sit a litte bit straighter, you are the creator of tension in your body. It´s going to make you uncomfortable, unable to focus because you constantly have to hold yourself up. And it will not only affect you physically.

Let go of the idea of holding yourself up. Instead let your body-weight release into the ground, release the weight of your shoulders. Relieve yourself of tension. And let your unconscious hold you up.

You’re not only a physical frame. You’re a spirit, so to speak—a psyche—as well.

Standing up physically also implies and invokes and demands standing up metaphysically. And its going to be uncomfortable, like you are about to break, it might even make you feel nasues or feel sick. But trust me its part of the process.


Just like our emotional health is often healed by addressing deep-seated issues in the present. You might need to talk or think about distressing or traumatic experiences during therapy while in a calm body state to feel better about them. The same is true for our body.

When we are about to do something uncomfortable, whatever it might be. We might be going into a very important meeting, jump from a cliff or ask someone out on a date.

Just before we do it, we have a natural tendency to grasp for a big breath to ready ourselves. A big breath to feel more confident, calm & under control.

Now without reading the next part.. How would practise this?

Discomfort hold the key to a better life. Its the path to growth and self-improvement. And suffering is what makes us stronger.

Have you ever heard the saying that the strongest people are the ones that went through the worst? Or what doesn't kill us makes us stronger?

Its true, because it takes fighting to go through, you have to suffer and suffering is EXACTLY what´s lacking in society today, it is in fact what makes us stronger. Right now you may be in a place of pain, you might have discomfort. But we are healed of suffering only by experiencing it to the full. And it all comes down to the ability to relax in discomfort.

One of the greatest paradoxes of civilization is that while, on average, existence has gotten more comfortable over time, depression, anxiety and pain have increased more than threefold just over the last decade.

Human body language (Posture) reflects the invisible hierarchical system in which we live. The ones at the top wakes up in the morning and are instantly struck with gratitude and good feelings while the ones at the bottom feel bad.

Good feelings creates a positive feedback loop, leading to more victories, while losing perpetuates a negative feedback loop. This phenomenon, related to serotonin, is where posture can influence our emotions and states of mind.

Now If you have read this far, I ask you...

Are you tired of feeling like you were made for more? 

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