Whats the secret underlying principle of posture..

Most people got this whole concept of posture all WRONG! Yes, posture is important. But poor posture is more likely a symptom of something else rather than the ACTUAL cause.

Forget about a 12 week long program where we take you on a strengthening and stretching routine. We would much rather treat the cause for bad posture to begin with. What acctually got you in this position is much more interesting, or what you can do to to start living your best life ASAP. So unless you feel like going to the gym everyday for the rest of your life, you feel like you have the ACTUAL tools to combat degenerative diseases, strenghten your immune system and genuinly FEEL GOOD.

Postural distortions, whatever they may be, can be looked at as a perfectly orchestrated expression of the most complex thing in the universe - OUR BRAIN. Even if the body is not functioning at full potential it is perfectly orchestrated because it is trying its best to reduce the tension.

If you spend all waking hours looking down at a screen, our brain will eventually adapt.

In its infinite wisdom it creates subluxations: Increasing muscle hypertonicity on one side of the spine and flaccidity on the other side.

Of course, these musculoskeletal subluxations will cause advanced degenerative changes over time because the body is loaded differently. Innate intelligence knows that the biomechanics are not ideal but it prioritizes organs over muscle. Compensations made by innate intelligence are not bad. These compensations may hurt and lead to all kind of problems but they are the sacrifice for increased dural tension.

Thats why treating a postural problem involves a mental and a phycial aspect, idealIly a combination. In this training you will learn how to use your body EFFECTIVELY, how to sit, sleep, stand, walk, and bend in ways in that strengthens your body. When you are in healthy posture, your body will adapt.


To expect a chiropracor to fix your posture, SIMPLY DOESNT WORK, you might get relief, it might even feel good but your problems will return OVER, AND OVER AGAIN. (Unless you change)

Follow our program and feel better in 3 weeks + a FREE postural analysis. Contact us if you have any questions.