• How does your BODY feel?

    Does it feel like you are disconnected from your body? Are you someone who needs to hit the snooze button a dozen times? Do you feel drained, exhausted, experience colds or recover slowly even if you sleep enough, eat healthy and exercise regularly?

  • How does your MIND feel?

    Are you someone who always loses their keys, has difficulty setting boundaries or struggles to focus your attention? You rarely experience true gratitude? You envy people who just seem to know who they are and sense what they have to do.

  • How does your HEART feel?

    Do you long for connection and relationships with others but somehow you never feel supported, you struggle showing up for others, being vulnerable or being present? Do you feel out-of-sync or out of touch with the rhythm of the world around you?

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I want your complete and full attention because this might be the most important piece of information of your life..

What you are about to learn is what Buddhist monks in the mountains of Tibet learn while in seated meditations, it is what many forms of yoga teach, it is energy healing, to regain the lost balance of the body and heal the subconscious mind.

This type of therapy has been lost in the modern western world.

How to balance the energy of the body. If you are a negative person, this is especially for you, positive energy is necessary to stay healthy.

The body is so intricately designed and for change to be possible it has to come from the inside. It might be why, exersice, stretching or orthopedic adjustments doesnt work. This technique teaches us how to change from the inside first. To be able to relax fully in an aligned & "stacked" spine is the ultimate goal.

In this state of being you will be wonderfully relaxed but sharp as a knife. You will be able to use your mind strategically, choose your thoughts and heal your emotions.

Its not hard, but it takes practise. Now if you´ve been in poor posture for years, I´m sure you will suffer tremendous discomfort. But..


This is NOT a quick fix or an empty promise, this is what worked for me and thousands of other people around the world.

I started this mission to help people because I found the solution to my life-long problems. And it opened my eyes to a new world of being. The best thing is that it doesn't require exercise, stretching or equipment. I will teach you how to relieve the weight on your shoulders. Free yourself from tension and let your unconscious take charge of holding you up.

Remember, you are not merely a physical frame. You are also a spirit, a psyche, you are energy. Therefore, standing up physically also invokes and demands standing up metaphysically.

In the beginning it might feel uncomfortable, as if you're on the verge of breaking. It may even induce feelings of nausea or sickness, bring up memories from the past or undealt emotions. But trust me, it's all part of the process.

To heal, you must first feel.

Similar to how addressing deep-seated emotional issues during talk-therapy in a calm state of being can improve our emotional well-being, our bodies also require that same approach.


Unless you´ve been through a severe accident, had surgery or had your problems since birth.

We can help you!

Your discomfort, digestive issues or back-problems or any postural disorder whatever they are. They most likely come from they way you hold your body.

And how you hold your body is a teachable skill, everything you need is your mind.

And practice.

You will get it right, we will be right there with you, to guide you on the right path.


It works very simply.

When you relax your nervous system in good posture. Your body is healing, you will most likely find it uncomfortable, hard to focus on anything, or it could even produce physical sensation in your body.

( The rule goes; If it is uncomfortable, you really need it )

Simply put: We will guide you into a natural alignment, your job will be to relax with deep breaths for as long as you are able.

With practice you will find it easier and increasingly more relaxing to be in good posture, think more clearly, have more energy and more confidence.

In all areas of life.


My mission is to help people that struggle with back problems and tried everything. If you have any question or would like to make an appointment for 1ON1 session. Leave your details below and describe your problems shortly.

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