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Posturehealing - Feel good from the inside, out

The SECRET to Effortless Posture

The SECRET to Effortless Posture

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"Turns much of conventional wisdom on its head"


Good posture is an indicator of good health, positive feelings, strength and high performance. 

This is not another mumbo jumbo health book. It is a 10 year scientific deep-dive into the complexity of posture and how it relates to health & success in life. This is not a generic do this stretch and this exercise to achieve this result. Because it is more complicated than that! 

Most advice you will ever hear about posture is WRONG! I guarantee you!

There have been long-going, well-documented studies showing that good posture is in direct relationship with good health and success in humans. And the results are consistent with the hypothesis that human competition for social success is based upon a biological capacity for dominance hierarchization.

Posture surely is subjective but it truly is the most accurate measurement we have of human-potential and growth.

Im not going to sugar-coat it for you. Some people are not just born with good posture. They are winning, they feel good , everything is easy, and their body language speaks for them.

But why is that some people just "have it" instinctively and others struggle. What are we missing? What do we have to do? How do we teach ourselves to unconsciously hold better posture in everyday life? Perform better? Focus better or feel better inside ourselves, without distractions or uncomfort? 

I will give you the advice NO ONE told you before: 

  • How to relieve physical limitations
  • How emotions affect your posture
  • Why you should embrace discomfort 
  • Super-common mistakes that could save you a life-time of suffering & chronic pain
  • How to stand, sit, sleep, walk & bend in a way that strengthens your body instead of wear & tear.
  • And a (SECRET) formula for long-term health & well-being

Being in a better posture will feel like a better version of yourself. We all have so much potential. But we have to go through discomfort to reach it.  Its not easy, but your ability to do so is very much linked to your future success not only for better posture but for anything in life. 

Benefits will include: 

  • Provides symptom relief for a variety of chronic conditions
  • Reduces stress, counteracts the “fight or flight response”
  • Teaches self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system
  • Breaks up habitual, physical, and emotional holding patterns
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