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A Chiropractor's Bold Confessions

A Chiropractor's Bold Confessions

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Do you struggle with back-pain or discomfort? Do you have rounded shoulders or foward head posture? 

There is a very good chance I can help you. 

It is estimated that 80% of people will experience posture-related issues at some point in their life. And some of those people end up in hospitals and surgeries and on medications for the rest of their life. But most people are like you and me with sub-clinical issues that completely screws up the quality of their life. 

And it is so frustrating because maybe you don't know what's causing it or how to fix it. And I understand, there are so much conflicting information, and so many people with bold claims promising a pain-free life with just a few simple exercises. 

But I'd like to share with you today what's worked for me. What's worked for thousands of other people around the world.

You will achieve results without time-consuming exercises or special equipment; by emphasizing everyday movement rather than periodic exercise sessions, we will give you the opportunity to practice without taking time out of your day. You naturally incorporate your newfound body wisdom into your daily life and instead of wearing and tearing on your body, every movement becomes an effective exercise to naturally  strengthen and stretch.


Maintaining a better posture will feel like a new better version of yourself. We all have so much potential. But we have to go through discomfort to reach it. And your ability to do so, is very much linked to your future success not only for this training but for anything in life. 

Benefits will include: 

  • Provides symptom relief for a variety of chronic conditions
  • Reduces stress, counteracts the “fight or flight response”
  • Teaches self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system
  • Breaks up habitual, physical, and emotional holding patterns

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