Our feet serve as the foundation for our entire body. The feet provide stability and support, allowing us to maintain an upright posture and engage in activities that require balance. The sensory feedback we receive from our feet helps our brain make adjustments to maintain equilibrium. Any issues or imbalances in our feet can disrupt this delicate balance, leading to problems with posture, alignment, and muscoskeletal health.

These theraputic insoles will help you achieve a more balanced distribution of pressure, ensuring a more comfortable experience while standing or walking.

  • STEP 1

    When it comes to your feet, they do more than just carry you around. They provide important sensory feedback.

  • STEP 2

    This valuable sensory information tells your brain where your body is in space.

  • STEP 3

    Your brain then utilizes this information to promote alignment for energy conservation purposes.

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Will this fix my poor posture?

The short answer is YES.

Posture is the result of your movement patterns and behaviour. Your body and brain will always look for ways to reduce effort and tension. The insoles will help you to activate certain muscles that are responsible for keeping us upright and over time making them stronger. For many people it will be an incredible relief and over time help them rebalance.

Will this cure my back, neck and / or shoulder problems? 

It is complex, and spinal health is an ongoing, lifelong process. Do some people experience dramatic results? Yes, they do. Does everyone fix their problems? No, but most are extremely positive about their experiences and progress.

Does it fit my shoes?

Yes. It should fit inside any type of shoe.


Yes, you heard me right. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase you can have all your money back, no hard feelings.

Contact us within 30 days after the purchase to be eligible.

What is your delivery time?

We are working very hard to make delivery as fast as possible for you. You are expected to recieve it within 10 days. Very shortly we will be able to offer 1-3 days.


Did you know that posture is affected by your feet? An incorrect foot position affects the ankle, knee and hip and can cause pain, injury or impaired posture. To improve stability and posture, it's important to focus on activating and strengthening our calf muscles, hamstrings, gluteus maximi, latissimus dorsi and the spinal muscles. Theese are called the posterior chain.

When the rearfoot lacks proper stimulation, crucial information is missed by your receptors. As a result, your brain is unable to effectively activate the posterior chain. This often leads to a forward center of mass (kyphosis) (forward head posture) and compensatory movements, requiring extra energy to stay upright against gravity.

By activating your posterior chain and optimizing the signals between your feet and brain, you can enhance stability, reduce strain, and improve overall movement efficiency. Take a step towards better posture, balance, and well-being by incorporating new insoles into your everyday movements.


  • Feel so much better!

    I have been wearing the insoles for about 2 weeks now. They definitely do work. they are so useful I bought a second pair! The difference is subtle at first. These insoles make you feel more "aware". I have noticed less lower back pain since using them on a regular basis, Great product!

    Sarah Holyfield

  • Results after 2 weeks

    I will say though, these insoles will workout your hamstring muscles! I felt mildly sore the first day I started using them; it felt like I've been at the gym all day, but that's a good thing. After 2 weeks I have not had a single thought of pain all day which is amazing considering it was constant before!

    Jordan Morris

  • Exactly what I needed!

    I recently had the opportunity to try out a pair of insoles, and I must say, the results were impressive. They provided good support to my feet, which in turn helped to align my body and reduce the strain on my lower back. Overall, I highly recommend these insoles for anyone experiencing lower back pain.

    Emily Hopkins

  • Works for me

    To my amazement I began to feel immediate relief....I went from being able to only walk for 40 minutes to hours the change in ability is irrefutable. I don't even normally write reviews for things but I had to share how much of the real deal I felt this was.

    Linda Peterson

  • Amazing

    Got these to help with my posture. The minute I put them on I felt my body shift back and it was really impressed at the Glute activation I'm gonna be buying the therapeutic insoles

    Jacob Bernstein

  • It's great on my feet

    Very grateful to have found them. It takes a day to get used to the little bumps, but then you strat feeling your feet, the ground and it takes pressures off my arthritic knees. Amazing.

    Michael Steel

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